Issue 2 - Print - Sold out

Issue 2 - Print - Sorry, This issue has Sold Out - Please try our Digital backissue

In this issue we tackle the big questions, like how we can alter our landscape using bigmachinery like the Yeoman’s plough, how we can alter our inner landscape to make meaningful change in permaculture, and how we can work from the big picture in the permaculture designprocess for backyards. 

 We also cover growing green manure crops, waterless compost toilet options, and growing your own meat including how to butcher a chicken. Plus, building a home on Crystal Waters eco-village, how to find debt-free housing, and reducing waste in cafes

You’ll find tips on creating a fun, edible family garden, creating your own local food swap, and running a business with heart (social enterprise). 

Chorizo recipe, parenting the permaculture way, and more!