Issue 8 - Digital

In issue 8 we focus on goats and take a look at how these versatile animals work in apermaculture system, and we take a peek at how a goat co-operative is providing the daily milk for families on a Melbournesuburban block. We also explore a Fremantle suburban block where the owners, renters, Airbnb guests and HelpX all share the responsibilities of milking goats, gardens, and animal care. 

Read about the experience of building an earthship in the Adelaide Hills, as well as a profile on permaculture legend Rosemary Morrow.  You’ll find out how 5 urban small space growers are extremely productive in their gardens, and how frugal living or ‘neo-peasantry’ can change your life. Plus a Wollongong retrofit 10 years on.                   

Learn to grow your own bushfoods, grow your own mulch, and make a DIY bucket compost toilet. Connect your kids to nature through bush schools, and your kids can learn to make a mini wicking bed. Topped off with a basic beanie pattern – something we could all do with for winter!